Political Campaign Services

Dive head first into the political sphere with effective, smart tools for reaching prospective voters and supporters. We've had the opportunity to put our methods to the test and we're able to make our game-changing services available to you!


Acti-Vote is a collection of political services geared toward wrangling up support and gathering valuable data from prospective voters. Utilizing various touchpoints, this product is able to access and build a large, powerful database giving campaigns the ability to recruit, communicate and mobilize various target audiences.

Supplemental Campaign Services

Aside from the ability to build a smashing campaign website, creating your social media profile, and assisting you with campaign strategy, Stanton Street also offers the following services for an effective, impactful campaign.

Mobile Data Capture

Mobility is a key factor when it comes to empowering a volunteer base. We’ve made it easier for campaigns to enter voter information as they are block-walking or attending events with a simple, mobile-friendly interface. Once the information is saved, it’s automatically added to the existing database housed on the campaign website.

Data Services

As many campaigns know, there is very little that is more important than data and research. Aside from the services provided through Acti-Vote, we can dig deeper into your prospective supporter base through:

  • List Builder - Campaigns have the ability to create and download custom walking, mailing, demographic, voter history lists and more by utilizing the database of registered voters in El Paso County. 
  • Data Visualization - See exactly where your supporters, yard signs and prospective voters are with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data visualization.


From social media posts to e-newsletters, the messaging for your campaign must be focused and direct. We can help you reach your target audience and identify the strategy and desired outcome of the message itself. Need more followers on Facebook or desire clear, articulate directions for volunteers? Let us help you cross the "t's" and dot the "i's".


Political campaigns benefit from high-quality, professional imagery that maintains a positive, consistent and shareable image of the candidate or issue. Luckily, we’re able to fulfill these needs as well.

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