Display Advertising

Do you have a campaign that needs a boost? Digital advertising can help you reach the furthest corners of the Internet. With smart goals, carefully selected keywords and a slick design you'll be able to grab the results and attention you desire. We’ll help you set a budget, create engaging content, and convert leads to help build your business.

Display AdvertisingStanton Street can help you strategize, create display ads, and deliver them directly to your target audience through their favorite websites and social networks. We'll will work with you in developing a multi-faceted message and utilize the proper channels to reach your audience. As with most online ads, your brand gets optimum exposure while also giving you valuable data on user behaviors.

Types of Digital Ads

Display advertising encompasses a wide range of formats. Each format is specifically targeted to an audience.

  • Content: Creating original content to engage your audience while they are viewing relevant information within an online article.
  • Mobile: Reach your “on-the-go” audience with timely and relevant messages sized to fit various devices for all of your target audiences.
  • Rich Media: Incorporating videos, interaction and much more capturing the user’s attention.
  • Static: Visually appealing static ads consisting of text, branding and eye-catching imagery.

How We Can Help

Display Advertising for MobileStanton Street can assist your business with display advertising across various platforms and devices through:

  • Strategy - get the competitive advantage with smart goals and a simple, flexible plan
  • Keyword Research - carefully selected keywords based on what users are searching for and what most of your competitors are using
  • Campaign Geo-Targeting - see can pinpoint the geographic location you want your ads delivered to and maximize conversions while minimizing your campaign costs
  • Target Audience Analysis - your campaign is tailored to reach customers specifically looking for your products or services
  • Copywriting - straightforward communication is key when the space and time are short
  • Design - eye-catching, recognizable graphics are important for capturing the target’s attention
  • Placement - forget the hassle, we’ll contact online publications, purchase ad space, monitor and handle the billing for you
  • Analytics - as with every Stanton Street service, you’ll have a full report on your campaign’s success

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