Digital Signage

Digital Signage can give your business the opportunity to reach your customers, employees, or clients in a way that no other technology can with options for interaction, brand building and the opportunity for real-time engagement with target audiences. Having a plan for your digital signage is as important as any other venture involving your business. Investing the time and attention to digital signage will help your team work more efficiently with clear goals and direction.

Take advantage of a captive audience!

  • Display Wait Times - show a queue of visitors who have checked in at reception.
  • Promote Services - highlight services visitors may not know about.
  • Build Trust - include testimonials in the rotation to reinforce expertise.
  • Share Events - Invite guests to a special event you’re hosting.

How it works

  1. Stanton Street will manage the set-up and hardware.
  2. Once installed, users can control content through an easy-to-use web based interface.
  3. Schedule content to automatically display and disappear.
  4. Connect to existing systems to display status reports.

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