iOS Development

An apple a day means more apps, hooray! 

There are over 300,000 applications available for iPhone, but Stanton Street knows that none of them compare to the iPhone or iPad app concept you have floating around in your head. We can help you bring that app idea to life with iOS Application Development.

Stanton Street is an enrolled Apple Developer, and as such can create iOS mobile applications for the iPhone and iPad for you and your company. But, let’s take it a step further. We can also create custom business operations applications for iPad. For example, perhaps your company has a product catalog that changes on a weekly basis. This makes a printed catalog obsolete in under a month. Glossy color printing costs can strangle your budget! Stanton Street can create a iPad app virtual catalog that you can update quickly and easily, ensuring sales representatives have access to current product information at all times.

Creating custom business solutions for our clients is a Stanton Street passion. We combine that passion with the latest technology Apple has to offer, and are excited to share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Download our iOS Application Development Product Sheet