Custom Pre-Registration System

Custom Pre-Registration System

Many times we program highly complex applications that remain unseen to the general public. Due to their high level of sensitivity or competitive industry, we are unable to share. Fortunately we are able to provide a peek into a custom pre-registration system we built a few years ago.

Project Overview

The initial request was for a custom website redesign. After we dug in, the scope of work grew into a more complex project with various compliance and security measures. Since the client was in the medical industry, we applied higher levels of security and encryption for the transfer of patient information meeting HIPAA and Wc3 ADA regulations.

At the heart of the website is a custom pre-registration form. This form screens and routes prospective clients depending on their responses to a series of questions.

Custom Pre-Registration System

Form Phases & Functions

There are three phases of the pre-registration process. The first phase includes questions that filter the age, insurance, residency requirements. The patients that do not qualify are bounced out to an informational page.

The second phase reviews referral information, emergency contacts, insurance information, disclaimer signatures, and other policies. A signature pad function allows users to sign each form with their finger or mouse.

The final phase covers the patient’s medical history including medications, mental health, ADHD and mood disorder questionnaires. Each of these help the medical staff to log a baseline for each patient.

Several functions occur simultaneously once a form is submitted:

  1. Signed forms and questionnaires are saved to the patient’s record with a date/time stamp.
  2. Medical staff are sent a notification that an application has been received. They can begin reviewing the patient file ahead of time.
  3. Patient instructions and confirmations are sent via text and dynamic email confirmations.


User Experience

User experience is always at the forefront of every interface we build. This custom pre-registration system is fully mobile and customized for ease of use on any device. Additionally, the pre-registration form has progress bars for users to see how far or how much further they need to complete each phase. Forms that needed signatures allowed patients to sign with a finger (on mobile devices) or their mouse (desktop).

Do you need a complex, secure, compliant system that manages your patient registrations? Call us at (915) 351-8440, orĀ send us a message to learn more!


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