Relevant content is what drives visitors to your website for all of the right reasons. We can help identify who the target audience is and determine the proper keywords, phrases and other content that is necessary to drive them toward your end goal whether it’s purchasing an item on your website or capturing their information.

At Stanton Street, we believe that the content of your site just as important as the design. We’ll talk about what you are trying to accomplish and identify the following:

  • Target Audience(s)
  • Message Priorities
  • Goals & Calls to Action
  • Flow & Tone

Once we identify the key items, we’ll begin writing useful content specifically geared toward the channel you are communicating through (ie. corporate website, Facebook or e-newsletter). Your content will be tied closely with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy intertwining important keywords throughout.

There are several techniques and unwritten rules for writing online content and each touchpoint with your customer is an important one. Let Stanton Street help you make that connection more meaningful.

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