Website Development: Hunt Capital Partners

Website Development: Hunt Capital Partners

Hunt Capital Partners works with developers and investors to create affordable housing provider for low-income families, seniors, and special needs households. Their creative agency, Wonderstruct, laid out the design then approached us for website development.

We collaborated with the client and their agency to program the frontend and CMS, or content management system that controls all of the content on the website. The frontend of the website resizes to fit any screen size. Our CMS is proprietary and customized to fit each of our client’s needs.

In What We Do, users can explore various portfolio metrics and learn more about the communities Hunt Capital Partners helps to revitalize. About Us features an interactive timeline of the company’s story. There are also quick links to view team members and current job openings.

Visit the Impact page to view additional statistics on the positive changes they’ve made throughout the country. Users can also learn more about the affiliated organizations. Curious about job openings? Visit Careers to learn more about about benefits, meet team members, and access their employment portal.

In News, users can access various articles and blog posts to learn more about current and past activities. A media contact is also provided for those wanting more details on a particular project or the company itself.

The Connect section allows users to send a message, view contact information for various locations, and access a repository of resources for affordable housing.

Are you currently seeking website development services for your company or organization? Do you have a design or an agency that we can partner with? Give us a call or fill out our contact form to learn more.

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