Website Design & Development: UMC Foundation

Website Design & Development: UMC Foundation

The UMC Foundation website showcases how beautiful the collaboration between a client and their developer can be. From day one, we worked together toward the ultimate goal of creating the best website possible. The Foundation team brought years of industry experience and a deep understanding of how they wanted to represent their organization online. For us, it was a challenge – to incorporate design elements and functionalities that aren’t standard to most websites. Without a doubt, we can say that the website design and development shown here highlights some of the best of our combined abilities.

Website Design and Development

The UMC Foundation team wanted something fresh and engaging to push the limits of what one would expect from a website within their industry.

The main focus was to provide prospective and existing donors every opportunity to donate and learn more about the programs they care about. Donation opportunities are essentially within every section pertaining to a program or current need. There is also clarity on the various ways a donor can give.

In addition, potential and existing donors can see how their efforts are impacting the community. Details on how impact is measured, service areas, and medical goals are included for easy reference.

Users can learn more about what the organization does, their vision/mission, and meet staff and board members. Furthermore, the Contact Us and FAQ pages give potential donors more resources to help assist with their needs.

While we were programming, the Foundation team was putting together all of the content and media in collaboration with their ad agency. From photos to videos with real people (!), their hard work is evident throughout the site.

Content Management System

Our custom content management system (CMS) allows the Foundation team to edit a majority of content within the site. It’s very user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding knowledge; empowering the Foundation team to edit content as needed.

Donation & Event Ticket System

We programmed an entire system to manage donations and ticket purchases that integrates with a secure, third-party payment processor. The CMS gives the Foundation team full control to create donation forms, fund allocations, and the ability to place them throughout the website.

The Events module allows admins to configure the date, time, location, image/PDF uploads and a description. In addition, admins have the option to add ticket levels with different prices.

Admins can filter and download custom reports and edit confirmation messages for each donation form and ticketed event.

Custom Forms

The car seat registration and volunteer forms were also customized to meet specific requirements for each program. Both forms include error checking and reCAPTCHA to prevent spam. All submission notifications are sent to designated email addresses and securely saved to the CMS.

We worked closely with the UMC Foundation team to design and develop a beautiful and unique website. Will we work with you next? Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get started!

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