Visual Marketing with Digital Signage

Visual Marketing with Digital Signage

As marketers, we’ve known for quite a while that visual content provides the best results. We’ve stacked our websites high with custom photography. Our social media campaigns have eye-catching images and video in check. #TBH, the online media is pure fire… but is there something missing?

For most brick-and-mortar shops, there is another opportunity through digital signage. These screens can capture the attention of customers, clients or patients in a lobby or other waiting area. Digital Signage can also relay important human resources information to employees in a break room. If you have a house of worship, key verses or a calendar of events can display in various locations throughout your church.

We know how valuable of an opportunity this is for our current and future clients, so we’d like to announce that we are adding digital signage to our list of services.

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The Benefits of Digital Signage
The content of the signs can range from static rotating images to dynamic, multi-functional video and images. For example  – one screen can display the date, weather, a news crawl as well as a video advertisement of your services. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased Recall – presenting information with a relevant image helps people process and remember information more quickly.
  • Turnaround for Time-Sensitive Ads – quickly edit content as opposed to waiting for files to be updated then sent out for another print.
  • Ad Scheduling for various times/days – reach a targeted audience in the window when they are most available.
  • Consistent Messaging – repurpose graphics from a current campaign for a digital sign.
  • Incorporate Social Media – include social media feeds, hashtags and other elements that promote interactivity.
  • Test/Deployment – run various iterations of an ad to see what gets the most response.
  • Video Leverage – use the digital sign to display video content for a higher level of engagement.

How it Works
Current clients will be able to use their existing content management system to upload, schedule and maintain digital display content. We’d simply add a new module to manage the digital signage content. If you aren’t an existing client, Stanton Street will build a custom online management system that is web-based and easy to use via any browser. For either situation, we’d drop by your location and assess what hardware there is – or is not – then move forward with a plan.

If you’d like to know more, fill out our contact form or call us at (915) 351-8440.

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18 thoughts on “Visual Marketing with Digital Signage

  1. Thank you, It’s a helpful blog.
    The best thing about Digital Signage which I personally like is that you can manage the content on the screen and can change it according to your need.

  2. A visual marketing is always important for high engagement. It helps us to memorize things more constructive way which a text can’t. Digital signage always creates more impact on customers mind. Optimized visual with proper content conveys a brands personality aims to create awareness through useful information.

  3. Nice share Naomi, Digital Signage are the next big thing for conveying and attracting audience, with a proper content management solution, users can manage and control all the digital signage displays right from a web-based software.

  4. Hi Team,
    Nice Article, keep it Up.
    Digital Signage is the next big thing for attracting the audience, Nice attempt to spread the information.
    Keep going.

  5. Thanks for sharing the information! Digital signage is a powerful visual communication tool for any business to engage their audience. The creation and distribution of content with digital signage are effective promotional strategies for the enterprises, as they are able to reach out to a larger audience base.

  6. Visual marketing is known for high engagement. Digital signage always creates a good impression on customers’ mind. which eventually will help to create more brand awareness & to generate more sales. This is a must-read article if you are looking to market your products via digital signage.

  7. Digital signage solution is the next level of working place make easy and accessible. One of the best ways to use digital signage boards is to showcase your roaster and other items. This will help for staff to do their work on timely. You can also easily customize the duties and other work digital signage boards.
    Naomi Dhillon you are doing job to highlight the importance of digital signage solutions.

  8. Dynamic and interactive digital signage connects buyers to your brand, creates a positive impression and keeps you ahead of the competition. The technology is worth investing in.

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