Video Production Services

Video Production Services

We’re happy to announce that we are now offering video production services! Stanton Street can conceptualize, shoot, and edit short videos for  your website, social media, video channel, blog, digital signage and more.

Our primary niche is in small, short productions that focus on getting attention while encouraging click-throughs, shares and various other calls to action. We can also help with explainer videos, testimonials, corporate overviews, and ambient footage for website backgrounds.

Our videos are shot using high-end cameras and edited on professional software. Videos will be formatted for the various platforms designated within the campaign strategy. We also have experience with location scouting, storyboarding, and script development.

Creating original video content for your social media, website, blog, and digital signage greatly improves marketing effectiveness – growing revenue 49% faster than non-video. A  professionally produced video can result in higher engagement rates, nurture leads, and increase your visibility. If you’re interested in video production services, give us a call or fill out our contact form!

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