How Safe Are Your Passwords?

How Safe Are Your Passwords?

Everyday we have to remember what feels like 100 passwords for work, school, and personal stuff. Keeping it all straight, making it easy to remember, and secure against hackers is definitely not an easy feat. Below are some password do’s and don’ts to assist you!


  1. Never include your name, last name, DOB, or the name of your company
  2. Use another number sequence than 1,2,3,4
  3. Shorter than four characters
  4.  Using the actual word, password
  5. Using any word found in the dictionary

Now that we have a better idea of what a bad password looks like, let’s tackle the makings of a great, not good password. You can use familiar words, but replace letters with symbols to make the password stronger.


  1. Avoid capitalizing the first letter of your password, instead opt for rotating back and forth between capital and lowercase
  2. Use at least 8 characters
  3. Try using symbols like @, %,!,# to add complexity to your password
  4. This can be a place where you can also utilize anagrams

Be creative with your passwords you don’t want to be the low hanging fruit when things start to get hairy. Avoid writing passwords down but if you absolutely must, make sure that you are storing them in a safe place. Avoid writing things like my GMAIL password is….. try developing anagrams for those things as well. Happy Passwording!


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