Getting Started with Digital Signage

Getting Started with Digital Signage

Having a plan for your digital signage is as important as any other business venture. Included below are some quick tips from our step-by-step guide: Getting Started with Digital Signage. Included in our guide are tips on how to build a signage strategy. Sign up below to receive the full PDF with detailed information and action items!

Define Goals

The first step of any campaign should be to understand what the sign(s) should accomplish. Will they raise awareness, inform, or educate? Are these signs a way to help increasing sales? Really dig deep to figure out exactly what you need and what results you expect.

Focus on Logistics

There are quite a few moving parts related to digital signage such as hardware, software, and content. There is also key personnel to take into consideration. It’s important to have a knowledgeable team that can understand and manage the hardware. The content also needs to stay relevant and interesting. Because of this, you’ll need staff that can do both.

Know Your Audience

Visualizing who you are trying to reach will help you build your strategy. Knowing exactly who your target is will help determine the content and timing of your messages. We recommend doing a little bit of research to help you connect with your ideal customer or client.

Identify Locations

Once you define your audience, then you can identify where and when they congregate. Then, consider the location of the sign. Many screens have maximum temps they can reach before they will malfunction. It’s important to consider the technical limitations of the equipment itself. Also, it’s important to place the display within their field of vision and where it won’t be competing heavily with other eye-catching elements.

Did you know that Stanton Street offers digital signage solutions from set up to content creation? Give us a call at (915) 351-8440 to find out more!

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