Tony Casas

Tony keeps production in line while cranking out badass design! 

Per Tony, he’s officially been a graphic designer since he was 17. Anything prior to that wasn’t worth a cheeseburger. Tony's in charge of our production department, making sure each of our sites meets specific quality and functional standards.

He currently holds a certificate in User Interface Design from HOW Design University / Sessions College of Professional Design, has been an AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Sustaining member since 2013 and has recently joined up with Progress321, a group for like-minded professionals who come together to with the common-goal of making the Borderplex region the next "best place to live and work". In the past Tony has also served as a board member on the Advertising Federation of El Paso's Board of Directors. Not to mention he also has an awesome reputation designing for bands, record labels and flyers. \m/

Prior to Stanton Street, Tony was a Store Support Manager in charge of the technology department. These days, he crashes out kick-ass web designs while keeping us updated on vital online trends like the latest cat video.

In his free time, Tony pops crook grinds, trey flips, and back tails at the local skateparks. He also enjoys the finer things in life. He smokes and reviews cigars, taste-tests craft beers and hangs out with his fabulous wife and good friends. Someday he hopes to own his own hockey team, the El Paso Cheeseburglars.