How We Do It

We really like what we do and totally nerd out about it 

Wanna know the secret to our magic? Here's a sneak peek of our own web development process that ensures you have a great website:

Scope Investigation
The first thing we do is sit and chat. We listen to what your goals are and what you'd like to accomplish online. We'll also be really honest and tell you what will work and not work. Some companies won't say anything until it's too late and you've burned up your website budget - which is not cool. We'll help you get what you want but most importantly, what you need. Once we're set on the goals, your friendly account executive will draw up a scope document that serves as a guide for development.

Creative Development
This is where you get to see all of those great ideas digitally. We'll present you with a sketch of the colors, fonts and all the other great stuff we talked about during the investigation. All of the elements in the sketch take into consideration the user experience, or how the user will interact with your website. We know we may not get it on the first try, so we typically have a few rounds of edits accounted for in your timeline. Once you love it, we move on to the next phase.

Technical Development
Once our developers get the sketch, it's broken up into pieces and rebuilt. Through the clickety clacks, a little fairy dust and unicorns, a website is born. Most of our sites are coded from scratch and optimized for your specific business. That means you will have a trackable and unique online identity.

Project Delivery
When your website is stamped for approval by our web developers, we hand it over to you for proofreading and testing functionality. We also ask you to break it. No worries, it sounds more tragic than it is. This is when we work out the kinks, fix all the whatchamacallits and polish it up for its debut. Once it's passed rigorous testing in various browsers, we get your approval to launch it!

Public Relations
So you've told your staff, your cousin Joe and the neighbor's kid that you're launching a new website. Obviously, that's not enough. Once your website is signed, sealed and delivered, we send out a press release to all area media and trade publications notifying them that your new site has arrived. You'll also be featured in our blog and newsletter because we like to brag about cool projects like yours. Yeah, we have no shame.

Contact us if you're interested in building a website or talking about a new web design!