Consultations for Hire!

Consultations for Hire!

At Stanton Street we believe your online presence is imperative to your business’ success. Whether your goals are selling in the online marketplace or simply tailoring your website content to reach new customers, we’re ready to assist you in making the most of your web presence by offering some of our services on a consulting basis.

Through consulting, we can:

  • Provide a comprehensive review of your current website’s content and functionality.
  • Review and report on user profiles, best practices and competitors.
  • Discuss marketing, search engine optimization, sitemaps or web designs and provide you with recommendations.
  • Investigate and recommend third-party applications that best suit your needs and budget.
  • Observe your social media interactions and brainstorm strategies to further connect with your audience.
  • Assist you with developing an online campaign with display ads and measurable goals.
  • Troubleshoot business services and recommend other approaches so you can work more efficiently.
  • Provide tips for social media, e-newsletters or other online communications/customer outreach.
  • Analyze and discuss web analytics data and strategies.
  • Host a training for various online topics such as website analytics, social media profile set up, web design and Internet marketing.
  • Provide guest speaker services regarding online topics such as web design, user experience, copywriting, campaign strategies, trends and social media interaction.

These are only a few examples of the wide range of topics we can help with. Our clients aren’t limited to what we’ve listed above. If you have an issue or concern, we’re here to help by bringing our expertise to the table. We understand how important your online efforts are to your success and we want to ensure every facet of your presence is not only functional and conveys the right message, but also uses the most current web technology and techniques.

Your success is ours! Call us at (915) 351-8440 to find out more about pricing for consulting packages.

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