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Jordan Foster Construction is an established, award-winning Texas construction company headquartered in El Paso with offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Formerly CF Jordan Construction, the company had recently gone through a name change and needed a new online identity to go along with it. So when we got the call to update their site, we knew it was our time to shine.

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When I selected Stanton Street to build the new Jordan Foster Construction website, I knew that I had picked the right company. I just didn’t how right they were. The entire team at Stanton Street is incredible! I have been wowed by their talent, knowledge and expertise throughout the entire process. They made it efficient, organized and truly a delight. And they’re fun to work with.

The look, feel and design of the new website are all excellent. Through a well-thought-out process, the team learned precisely what I wanted in the new website and delivered it in spades, beyond what I was hoping for. The navigation is intuitive, and flows seamlessly. The architecture is brilliant. To the uninitiated, you don’t even notice it. But there was a lot of expert work done to build something that performs so effortlessly.

Many thanks to Amy and Brian who oversaw the enterprise, Christine who takes such good care of clients, Tony who has a magic design wand, Karen who is best friends with Neo and actually knows how to get into the “machine,” Simeon who has a special wrench fitted specifically to 1′s and 0′s, and Naomi who expertly, professionally, diligently and wonderfully guided, drove and managed the entire process, all while working under the hood writing copy, editing and directing content to ensure a great website was being created.
- Mark Gudenas, Vice President Corporate Communications