MNK Architects

Case Study


MNK Architects is making waves in the El Paso architecture world, and they wanted that to show with their new website. MNK tasked us with making their site look and feel light-years ahead of other regional firms. Using award-winning websites as inspiration, they set the stage for a creative, interactive, yet sleek, user-friendly, professional site.


Stanton Street was given an opportunity to explore with design and functionality through several interactive components throughout the site. The main challenge presented itself once we were given the assets for the portfolio portion of the site. There were over eighty projects each with their own sets of images and project details that needed to be entered and processed. Given the vast amounts of data we also needed to build a structurally sound backend to process large amounts of information while maintaining the performance and visual integrity of the site. In other words, user experience was at stake if we didn't find a way to improve the site’s performance.


This project required an all-hands-on-deck approach. While our design team prepared the numerous project files and entered data into the content management system, our programmers were hard at work developing a solution for faster loading times. The MNK website launched in February of 2014 with stunning imagery and functionality. Some key features include:

  • Interactive, engaging functionality
  • Stunning imagery throughout
  • Simple, user-friendly navigation: view project details with one-click from homepage, visible, easily accessible links to subpage content
  • Custom content management system (CMS) for easy website updates

What the Client Says:

“Our new website looks extremely sharp, but more importantly, the information our clients are looking for is well-organized and easy to find. We had a great time working with the Stanton Street, and before it went live, we went over how to maintain it, which was pretty easy.”
-Jennifer Matthews, Principal at MNK

Download the MNK Website Design & Development Case Study