Your Opportunity to Win Amigo Airsho Tickets is in Plane Sight!

Your Opportunity to Win Amigo Airsho Tickets is in Plane Sight!

Our office manager, Christine has been practicing her planking!

Planking? That’s so last season. Owling? No one gives a hoot anymore. Coning? Let’s not go there. These fads have come and gone but the latest will take off like no one’s business AND can even win you tickets for the Amigo Airsho!

It’s Planing, and Stanton Street brought it to you FIRST! Check out this photo to get an idea of how to plane. The most important things to keep in mind: feet together, chest and head up like a proud little birdie in the sky and arms out. If you’ve got these three elements, congratulations… you’re planing!

Step 1: “Like” Stanton Street (
Step 2: Get a friend to snap a shot of you planing
Step 3: Post the photo on Facebook and tag Stanton Street (or email the photo to [email protected])

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see if your pic made the cut.

Every week a lucky winner will receive a pair of tickets for the Stanton Street Amigo Airsho chalet on Sunday, October 23, 2011. Want a family four pack? Then get REALLY creative (but not dangerous) with your photo and you could be a winner!

Good luck and we can’t wait to see your submissions! You are now free to plane across El Paso.

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