You Gotta “Like” Facebook for Product Marketing

You Gotta “Like” Facebook for Product Marketing

Word of mouth product promotion has always been the most trusted by consumers. If a friend tells you they like it and use it, it must be good. Well, Facebook makes it easy to tell not only your closest friend, but your closest one hundred or more friends about a product that you can’t live without. If you are a business owner with a website that includes a product catalog, this just became something you can’t live without!

Add a “Like” button to each product on your website.

Faceboook Like Button on Product Page

When someone “Likes” your product, give them an option to add a comment and post it to their Facebook profile.

That shopper’s friends will see:

Facebook Wall post of Product

A nice easy way to advertise your product, but also an easy way for shoppers to drop the hint, “Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring.”

Start your Wish List now!

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