We’re Moving!

We’re Moving!

Like many, Zoom calls have been the norm along with online team lunches and chats. We took tours of each other’s homes and met everyone’s pets. We goofed around with filters and had some great team lunches. This past year showed our strength as a team and our dedication to quality work in a remote setting. Because of this, we decided that our new normal will be a hybrid of remote and co-work.

This business model has been popular among innovative companies such as Dell, GitLab, Amazon, Mozilla, and General Dynamics for years. They established their successful hybrid work policies way before COVID allowing them to reimagine the workplace.

Hybrid work models, done right, will allow organizations to better recruit talent, achieve innovation, and create value for all stakeholders. By acting boldly now, they can define a future of work that is more flexible, digital, and purposeful. – BCG

This hybrid model will allow us to work from our home offices while also having the flexibility to work from an office or meet clients in person at our NEW downtown location. New location you ask? Yes! We’ve consolidated our operation, moving to a beautifully remodeled building and have taken our company back to its origins — on Stanton Street.

Effective April 1, 2021 our NEW co-working address will be: 108 S Stanton, 3rd Floor, El Paso, Texas 79901

Office hours won’t change, we’ll still be available Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm. You can also reach us at the same number: (915) 351-8440. Need to drop some snail mail? Send it to: P.O. Box 960399, El Paso, TX 79996.

Once everything calms down, we look forward to seeing our clients, friends, and colleagues in our new location! Until then, we’ll continue to create quality work in our new hybrid of remote and co-work.


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