We’re Different, and We’re Okay With That

We’re Different, and We’re Okay With That

The internet is a large and confusing place, it seems like everyone these days can sell you a fast, affordable, and quick fix to answer all your internet marketing concerns and needs. Marketing companies are hitting you up daily and each offer gets lower and better than the previous. Sounds great, right? The answer is not always. Often companies are looking to turn websites out quickly by using template-based platforms that don’t include a user-friendly way to manage your site after it has launched. Since this can be a frustrating process for some I have outlined what to not do and how Stanton Street differs.

What Not to Do: WYSIWYG and also what you pay for.

Don’t let your site go to the lowest bidder. Your site is your story, an extension of your brand and shouldn’t be executed by someone who hasn’t done their research.  Often those free, easy, no programming required sites come with branding that isn’t your own and it’s littered across your site. Templates make it difficult to provide you with your exact needs and you can’t customize it unless you get your hands dirty in the code. Not to mention, security is seriously lacking, and this makes your site vulnerable to attacks.

The Stanton Street Way: A la carte much?

We customize each site to the needs of the client. Stanton Street loves to research, and we do it well. We investigate industry trends and keywords to make sure that your site not only looks great but also reads well, performs well, and is in line with what competitors in your field are doing.  We are the Ina Garten of web design; our code is created fresh and made to order. We have refined our process and all elements couldn’t exist without the others. We don’t outsource any elements of our process.

What Not to Do: Don’t hire out an out of town agency.

Awesome, your site has finally launched and now what? Who maintains it? Who has your domain? What’s does hosting mean? Are these monthly charges for hosting and maintenance out of control? Or your site is down at it’s 5pm on Friday, what do you do? These are all questions that you need to ask your web developers before you even sign on the dotted line. You don’t want to be on the phone for even an hour trying to troubleshoot with that out of town agency, that’s money lost.

The Stanton Street Way:

Do you have a web related crisis or general inquiry Stanton Street is here for you 24/7. If you call us between 8-5pm M-F you will talk to an actual human that works right here in El Paso, TX. If find yourself in an afterhours pickle we have a Support System that allows you to submit tickets with us even at 3am on Sunday morning. In short, we always have your back and get you the answers you need quickly.

What Not to Do: Don’t expect to have your entire website completed in 3 days or even 3 weeks.

Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither was a good website. Don’t rush the process and make sure there is a rhythm and reason for every detail and element that is programmed onto your site. That chat feature on you site might look cool and you did pay for it, but no one uses it. Too bad there wasn’t any research that was done beforehand that could have predicted that.

The Stanton Street Way: Let’s develop a timeline together!

Once you have made the wise decision of letting us take care of your internet or marketing needs we will sit together and develop a realistic timeline. We will keep you in the loop every step of the way and explain everything to you in easy to digest bites of knowledge. We will also research that chat feature you wanted and make sure the extra 200 bucks to implement is warranted.

What You Should Do: Hire us.  

Street has been in the internet business since the internet was sent to mailboxes on CD-ROMS. While those CDs were solidifying their place in landfills and our hearts we were sharpening our skills and services to evolve with the times. We have a smorgasbord of experience in marketing, SEO/SEM, web consulting, web design and have the technical expertise to make sure no one messes with you. DM us your inquiries or give us a good ol’ fashion phone call at 915.351.8440.

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