The Holidays are for Snapchat

The Holidays are for Snapchat

MySpace Picture- 2006

The holidays are a time for family, food, drinks and posting all of it on Instagram, right? And if you don’t post your holiday festivities they might as well not have happened. I cannot recollect a time that I didn’t document my life on social media. At 14 I armed myself with a digital camera and a Myspace profile to give my friends and strangers an all access pass to my life, doing that has never seemed weird or out of place. I dare to say that not doing it seems more strange. In the last 14 years, my choice of social media and technology has changed. I have used the last 6 iPhones, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and Tumblr to document milestones and life. My Facebook account is my longest relationship, Happy 10-year Anniversary to me! While I grew up with a sense of ease and comfort using social media and technology it doesn’t mean that it always came easy. There is a new social media app every year it seems and we all need to learn it to seem relevant. Snapchat was one of those apps for me. Initially, when millennials younger than I caught on to it I immediately dismissed it as some teenage fad and made fun of it. I made fun of it because I didn’t understand it. Snapchat has been around since 2011 but people in my circles didn’t start utilizing it until 2015. I avoided signing up because I didn’t want to ask people how it worked because I didn’t want to appear out of the know and I just didn’t care enough to Google it. I don’t think it was until their filters came out that I signed up. I sucked it up and asked my teenage cousin how it worked, to my dismay he didn’t make fun of me for being out of the loop. Quite the contrary. We sat there for a good 15 minutes bonding and practicing, it was great. My lesson is this, don’t be afraid of the unknown, looking dumb, or asking questions. The only constant in life is change and that includes technology. Be bold, evolve with it.

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