The Future is Now, how to undo emails sent in Gmail

The Future is Now, how to undo emails sent in Gmail

Sending emails is so nerve wrecking, one typo to a potential employer or client can literally make or break your life. If only there was a small window of time that would allow you to turn back the hands of time and retrieve that embarrassing email. Well, if you use Gmail, you’re in luck! Undoing emails is now a setting that you can turn on in your Gmail setting to ensure that your heart doesn’t beat out of your chest in a panic. Follow the steps below to activate this setting.

Step 1: Make sure that you are signed into your Gmail account. Click on the wheel in the top right hand corner and scroll down to “settings.”

Step 2: Scroll down the laundry list of options that you are given and look for the “undo send” option. Once you have located it you will then have the option to choose how much time you have after you accidentally send the email to “undo” it. Step 3: After making your selection remember to scroll a little further down and hit “save changes.”

Step 4: Presto Magic never send embarrassing emails again.

Note: An important thing to remember is that this setting needs to be enabled before sending any emails.




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