Stanton Street Take The Fountains at Farah International

Stanton Street Take The Fountains at Farah International

Fountains ResponsiveThe Fountains at Farah is no stranger to the creative and professional work that we do here at Stanton Street. They saw such results from their website that we did for them they had us recreate the same magic but in Spanish. Stanton Street never says no to a challenge so we took the project head on.

The Spanish version of The Fountains at Farah site can be accessed straight from the homepage of its English counterpart. At the top right of the webpage you will see an “Español” option, by clicking on it you translate the site into Spanish. The pages are still bright and beautiful. There is no new functionality to re-learn, it’s all the same great website you were accustomed to using.  The Visita page allows you to understand what The Fountains at Farah is about in a language that you are comfortable with. From this page you are able to view hours and an easy to enlarge map with directions on how to arrive at the mall. You are able to view the Servicios/ Amenities in both English and Spanish with the click of a button. You can comfortably  locate the stores and restaurants that you and your family love by clicking on the Directorio page. The Event calendar has been translated into the Calendario De Eventos so you can keep up with all the fun family events The Fountains at Farah has to offer.

If you are interested in contacting the mall you can click on their Contactanos page. You are able to submit your information in Spanish and you can expect the same quick service that The Fountains at Farah provides. If you are interested in leasing your store at the mall the rentar tab has all the information that you need. As you can see our work shines in English or in Spanish, nothing gets lost in our translation.  If you want Stanton Street to help make your site bilingual give us a call 915.351.8440.

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