Stanton Street Stacks Up the Goods for a New Self Storage Site

Stanton Street Stacks Up the Goods for a New Self Storage Site

There’s always a bit of excitement and a lot of questions when Stanton Street begins a new project. What neat features can we offer the client? Are they open to cool suggestions? When can we launch this puppy?! It’s definitely a great experience but when you know the client will be leading the local competition with an online presence much sleeker than anything else out there, well, it’s that much more exciting.

Southwest Self Storage approached Stanton Street because they wanted to be sure their website was going to lead the competition within the local and regional markets. The challenge was eagerly accepted. website by Stanton Street - website screenshot
The Southwest Self Storage site includes a storage calculator which allows the user to estimate the size of storage unit needed for their goods.

As with all clients, Southwest Self Storage expected a professional online image and features which were easy to navigate. That was a given. However, one unique request was that multiple storage facilities which would fall under the Southwest Self Storage name would also need to be featured on the homepage. Tony, Stanton Street’s creative director, took this into consideration when designing the main page of the site. Other facilities might join Southwest Self Storage in the future so the need to easily add their names and logos was kept in mind.

Deciding what type of storage unit you need isn’t the easiest of tasks. Southwest Self Storage knew this based on client interaction so one neat feature which was included was a Storage Unit Calculator. Upon “building” your storage unit with boxes, furniture and other standard household items, the third-party system determines the size of unit the user will need. This definitely saves the customer time by removing the need to visit the facility before moving in their possessions. The calculator is easily accessible from the homepage of the website.

More and more businesses are starting to realize that photos for their websites need to be a bit more than just hastily shot images from a basic camera or smartphone. Southwest Self Storage wanted clean and neat pictures of the facility so they utilized Stanton Street’s photography services as well.

Well-written content for the introduction of the site, an About Us page and staff descriptions are must-haves. While the majority of the text provided by Southwest Self Storage was good to go, we did help clean it up a bit and rework some aspects of the content.

Convenience is always a plus so Southwest Self Storage made sure customers could easily make payments by including a Pay Online feature which allows the user to access their facility’s payment page. There are bound to be all kinds of questions when it comes to storing goods. That’s why an FAQs section was included where the client could easily add or remove questions and answers as needed.

“We’re looking forward to giving our customers the ability to pay securely with our new redesigned website. We’re also pleased to offer tools that will help customers determine what type and size of storage they will need,” said Southwest Self Storage owner Will Harvey.

If you’re curious about all the great features we provided for Southwest Self Storage or you need a storage unit soon, visit their site to check them out. You can also check out our site to see other work we’ve done or get in touch with us about building your company’s new online presence!

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