Stanton Street is Not Allergic to Great Web Design

Stanton Street is Not Allergic to Great Web Design

York ResponsiveAs many of you know, living in the desert of the Southwest is hard. Wind advisories, gusts, rain, pollen are a mainstay for many months out of the year. Treating allergies can be tough but finding quality care isn’t. John C. York is El Paso’s well-known and most trusted allergist and is certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. His accolades and achievements stretch out as long as allergy season and his kind, friendly staff will be happy to assist you on your journey to clear your airwaves. Stanton Street and Dr. York have a lot in common our long list of accolades, being the best at what we do and of course many of us are allergy sufferers ourselves.

The colorful and welcoming homepage makes understanding your allergies and symptoms easy. It is full of information about what you are going through, symptoms you might be experiencing, and even treatment information for little ones. The homepage is broken up into three sections that allow you browse easily. The first section allows you to get to know Dr. York and read a little more into his knowledge and expertise. The second is broken up into three easy-to-read boxes: Symptoms We Treat, Treatment, and What Causes Allergies. At the bottom of the homepage, you will find some very useful maps that will help you identify one of his 3 locations that are convenient no matter what side of town that you live on.

The six navigation tabs located at the top of the site are easy to read and can take you to any section of the site quickly. Stanton Street has also made contacting Dr. York easier than ever. There a Contact Us button right at the top of the homepage as well as a tab in the navigation. The contact form is easy to read and fill out so your questions can be answered quickly by the Dr. York team.

Stop suffering through allergy season, check out Dr. York online, we did. If you have a specialty and you need help revamping your online presence; or if you need to build from scratch, fill out our contact form and let’s get coding.

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