Stanton Street Force Awakens with Arrival of New Web Developer

Stanton Street Force Awakens with Arrival of New Web Developer

adrianAdrian began his journey to Stanton Street when he was a mere padawan. At the age of 14 years old, he started his college career obtaining an Associates degree within two years. He then enrolled at UTEP during his senior year in high school. Feeling an awakening in the force, we snagged Adrian as soon as he stepped off the graduation stage with his Computer Science degree still clenched in his hand.

Before coming to Stanton Street, Adrian was a pizza master, a math tutor, and Programmer/Research Assistant at UTEP. As if that wasn’t enough, he also had an internship with the Drug Enforcement Administration giving “overachiever” a whole new meaning.

During his spare time Adrian enjoys hanging with friends, watching soccer and painting his face green and silver on Philadephia Eagles game days. He also meticulously schedules his weekly meals to include the following: at least two servings of hot wings, six legitimate tacos, and one platter of seafood. Other hobbies include playing video games, buying everything Apple, and as you may have guessed – consuming everything Star Wars.

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