Stanton Street Finds One Smart Noodle

Stanton Street Finds One Smart Noodle

Sara started her journey with Stanton Street by following her heart and the yellow brick road. She threw stereotypes out the window as a little girl when she decided that she wanted to code her life away and make websites her passion. She didn’t let her love for pasta or frequent trips to Johnny Carinos get in the way when she was working toward her degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Before Sara joined our team of top notch performers she was hanging out with Lockheed Martin and Cimarron Software Services whom at the time were working under a NASA contract! Needless to say we cheered hip hip array when we found each other. Sara isn’t just about the behind the scenes of web site making she also enjoys typography, and kicking butt doing DIY Projects.

Sara isn’t a regular web developer, she’s a cool developer, and loves tackling challenges with a belly full of carbs and a face full of contour. Shopping, makeup and user interface design are on her list of things she loves. In her spare time you can catch her hanging with her 3 nieces and nephew, watching YouTube, eating spicy food, and watching The Wizard of Oz. Don’t be fooled by skills that she’s got she’s still Sara from the block.

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