Stanton Street’s 2012 Resolution: Stop Supporting Bad Habits!

Stanton Street’s 2012 Resolution: Stop Supporting Bad Habits!

Use of Microsoft’s ten year-old browser, Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), has dropped to below 1%, according to Net Applications, a leading internet market share consulting service. This has given everyone at Stanton Street reason to celebrate. Seriously! Tony Casas, Creative Director, has deemed today “the single greatest day of my life.” So what is the hoopla all about? The 1% threshold means Stanton Street will no longer optimize websites for IE6.

According to Tony, “I don’t think anyone truly understands how bad IE6 is. It would take me eight hours to break down a site and another six or seven to make it work in IE6. It also tremendously limited what I could do as far as design. I actually don’t think I could break down some of our newest websites in IE6. Now I can go crazy. I’m excited.”

So now, if you try to use IE6 to view a new website designed by Stanton Street, you will be met with a personalized message, “Still using IE6? Bet you have a brick for a phone, too! Upgrade your browser today.”

If you want to learn more about why you should ditch IE6, take a look at our blog post on March 8, 2011, 3, 2, 1: Internet Explorer 6 Countdown.

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