Review Your Website’s Statistics in a Snap

Review Your Website’s Statistics in a Snap

In an effort to keep our website customers more informed about the performance of their site, Stanton Street has added a new extra benefit to go along with our excellent service, good looks and charm: a Monthly Snapshot Report. The Snapshot, includes key performance metrics for your website. If you are a current Stanton Street website customer, watch for an email on the first of every month that will include your custom report. We hope you use this information to identify new opportunities for your business or organization through your website.

Monthly Snapshot Website Traffic Map
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Key Metrics you will see on your Monthly Snapshot:

  • Visits: (now called Sessions) a visit or session is a period of time a user is actively involved with your site.
  • Bounce Rate: a percentage of single page visits or sessions
  • Time on Site: the average time a user sends on your site.
  • Average Pages / Visit: the average number of pages a user sees in one visit or session
  • Visits by Region: a map of the United States showing the number of visits or sessions by state
  • Visits and % New Visits by Region: a list of the visits or sessions by state and the % of new visits or sessions from each state
  • Unique Visitors: a list of the number of new and returning users to your website
  • Top Keywords: the keywords typed by users into a search engine that result in the most visits to your website
  • Top Pages: the most visited pages on your site by pageview but also includes the number of exits from that page
  • Top Traffic Sources: the most frequent sources and mediums used to get to your website
  • Top Social Sources: the most frequent social media sources used to get to your website

E-commerce sites will also include:

  • Top Traffic Sources with Revenue by Source: the most frequent sources and mediums that drive your e-commerce site revenue

If you would like to discuss your Monthly Snapshot report or learn more about your website’s analytics, feel free to give us a call at (915) 351-8440.


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