Quick Tip: Don’t Waste The Subject Line

Quick Tip: Don’t Waste The Subject Line

If you want to get the most out of your e-mail marketing efforts you need to entice people to read your message. The best way to do this is to ensure that you use a catchy subject line.

The subject line is the modern version of the “elevator pitch.” You have a small window of opportunity to get the attention of your target, approximately 3 seconds before they hit delete and your e-mail is gone forever.

It is surprising to see how many professionally-crafted e-mail marketing pieces completely miss this opportunity. Take this fictional example (based on a true story):

There are a few things wrong with this effort:

  1. The sender’s name is duplicated in the subject line.
  2. The rest of the subject line is generic and doesn’t say anything.

Don’t fall into these traps. Give your message the best chance of success by ensuring that you don’t waste your 3 seconds or your subject line with useless information. Go beyond simple subjects like “Weekly Update” and display something useful like “Five Critical Tips for Success” – or even something dangerous like “You’re Fired!”

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