Political Campaign Services: Stanton Street’s Latest Online Offering

Political Campaign Services: Stanton Street’s Latest Online Offering

Running for a political position is no easy task. There’s paperwork to be filled out, a trust-worthy and dependable campaign team that needs to be built, a platform to develop, strategies which need to be outlined… and usually all before making the big announcement. When District 7 representative Steve Ortega decided to run as a mayoral candidate for the upcoming race in El Paso, Texas, it’s likely that many of these details were already on his mind.

It’s a tall order so anything that can make the endeavor less stressful has to be a good thing. Luckily, Stanton Street has a few helpful products. During the latter part of 2011, some useful tools were being developed to assist with an U.S. Congressional Campaign which turned out to be a success. These elements are now part of an all-encompassing package that is available for political hopefuls or organizations trying to target potential voters and supporters.

ActiVote Social Voter Engagement Tool by Stanton Street

Our Political Campaign Services are grouped around a core component called Acti-Vote. This online tool allows clients to gather invaluable voter demographic information which, along with other campaign elements, can be used to build a database that clients can use to recruit supporters and correspond with them throughout the life of the campaign.

If a candidate is going the traditional route, there’s bound to be plenty of block-walking and door knocking along the way. Although forms and clipboards can be useful, they’re not always the friendliest companions. Mobility is a plus, so our package includes a mobile-friendly interface which allows teams to collect and save information along the way. There’s no need to transfer data at the end of the trek because all info is automatically added to the campaign database.

Targeting potential voters is an entirely different game these days. The List Builder portion of our Political Campaign Services allows clients to build custom lists from a database of registered voters… but that’s just the beginning. These lists can also be based on various combinations of valuable information such as voting history, gender, age, location and other types of characteristics. Once finalized, they can be prepared as mailing or walking lists to target individuals most likely to vote for your candidate.

While we mentioned quite a bit, this is just the tip of the online campaigning iceberg. Services for customized mailing and walking lists, data visualization, copywriting and photography are available as well. All of these elements can be found through our site on a page dedicated to Political Campaign Services.

It’s been a few months since Steve Ortega approached Stanton Street and we’ve been chugging away at his campaign ever since. The Ortega for El Paso website has been up and running for quite some time already and we’re continuing to work on other aspects of the project.

Of course, Stanton Street is available to help with your venture as well. Give us a call at 915.351.8440 or shoot us an email to get started on your campaign!

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