Online Privacy. It’s a Techy Subject.

Online Privacy. It’s a Techy Subject.

Ok we’re a little late for this week’s tidbits. So gather around children… we’ll share some links about privacy. First, CUE THE MUSIC:

Google’s been in the spotlight recently for changes to its privacy policy.  Facebook is under scrutiny for how they will handle user privacy now that they’ve filed their IPO.  Since they are both private companies they should have free reign over what they do with the content freely given by its users, right? Or no? What say you, Interwebians?

Need more info, check out a few links regarding the debate:

Public or Private: Keep Google From Being ‘Evil’

Google to Streamline Privacy Policies on March 1st: The Backlash and Response

Facebook’s $5 Billion IPO: The Next Google? Or The Next Groupon?

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