MNK Architects Showcase Superb Projects with a Dynamic New Site

MNK Architects Showcase Superb Projects with a Dynamic New Site

MNK Architects is making waves in the El Paso architecture world, and they wanted that to show with their new website. MNK tasked us with making their site look and feel light years ahead of other regional firms. Using award-winning websites as inspiration, they set the stage for a creative, interactive, yet sleek, user friendly, professional site.

Founded in 1985 by Mervin Moore, AIA, MNK is now one of the leading architectural firms in El Paso. It is a full-service architecture firm with a variety of clients in both the public and private sectors. Its portfolio includes projects in the health care, education, recreation, religious, industrial, commercial and military fields. Most recently, MNK is the lead architect for the El Paso’s new Triple A Stadium, which will be completed for the Chihuahuas’ season this April.

Stanton Street launched the first phase of MNK’s site last week. The site opens with a beautiful rotating display of their work on the homepage. The visitor is instantly drawn in by the interactive information bar that bounces in and out with one click. Users who are inspired by what they see on the homepage and want to learn more can dive directly into the project page of the featured work.

The first phase of the site also provides easily accessible information on MNK, their services, and their strong team of licensed architects. The “Our Work” page presents MNK’s projects by category. Users can, with as few clicks as possible and while always staying on the same page, read the details and see the associated pictures for each project. This means that users don’t have to click the “back” button over and over or have a pesky menu bar ever-present to get back to the main projects page.

Tony Casas, Stanton Street Creative Director, had this to say about MNK:

“Not only was the MNK website a fun site to work on, but we had to opportunity to work closely with the client in developing functionality that we had never tinkered around with in the past. The outcome is not only a beautiful site, not only a great functioning site, but a website the both MNK and Stanton Street are very proud of. I hope we have more clients like MNK who want us to push the envelope creatively while still maintaining functional integrity.”

What the user sees is only one part of the project. Stanton Street complemented MNK’s site with a fully-loaded Content Management System (CMS), which means that MNK is able to update their site as often as they want, and it is as easy as writing a Word document or updating your Facebook page. MNK can control who in their company has access to the CMS and what each person is allowed to change. MNK can update the description of their services, change the fun infographic on the “Team” page, add/remove news postings, and most importantly, fully manage the projects in “Our Work.” The CMS includes a step-by-step (35 page!) guidebook on how to use it. It makes caring for and maintaining a live website very manageable.

Jennifer Matthews, Principal at MNK, commented on the launch:

“Our new website looks extremely sharp, but more importantly, the information our clients are looking for is well-organized and easy to find. We had a great time working with the Stanton Street, and before it went live, we went over how to maintain it, which was pretty easy.”

The second phase of the project will be the launch of MNK’s “History” page which will be an interactive storyline of MNK’s compelling history from 1985 to present. Look out for an announcement on that launch! Until then, you can find out more about building your own custom site by filling out our contact form or calling (915) 351-8440.

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