Let’s figure it out, together

Let’s figure it out, together

Technology terms are always changing, but what about the evergreen terms that you may or may not know? Just in case you were afraid to ask we have you covered, take a scroll down our list and put yourself to the test.

Http vs. Https- what’s the difference?

Http: Hyper text transfer protocol. This prefix is necessary for picture and text to work in your web browser. It is how web browsers and servers communicate.

Https: Hyper text transfer SECURED. This adds an extra padding of security that can hide your personal information and your passwords. Recognizing the https in front of your url is important when purchasing things online, accessing bank information or doing any bill payments online.

URL:Uniform Resource Locators. This is the address of the page you are trying to access like www.stantonstreet.com. It works with IP addresses to help locate the file on your web browser.

Uploading vs. Downloading- what’s the difference?

Uploading: This is the transmission of a file from one computer to another. A good example of this is every time you post a picture on social media. You are uploading the picture from your device to your desired location.

Downloading: This is also the transmission of a file from one computer to another. In this instance however, you are copying a file to your computer.

SEO:  Search Engine Optimization, ensuring that a website can be found when using a search engine such as Google, it uses phrases and keywords relevant to what the site is offering. So if you write awesome content on your site that uses words and phrases that people would use to search for your product or content online it makes it easier for them to find.

As always remember that Stanton Street has your back and if you would like an in depth consultation of your current webpage or social media give us a call!

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