Is Your Website Ready for the Future? It MUST be Mobile-First!

Is Your Website Ready for the Future? It MUST be Mobile-First!

As predicted, mobile devices are well on their way to surpassing desktop computer use… and with this fulfilled prophecy comes many changes to user experiences across the industry.

Mobile-First Design & Development
Thankfully, Stanton Street has been utilizing a mobile-first approach for a few years already. Many of our most recent custom website redesigns are optimized for viewing on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Google Search Index
Remember searching for a topic on your smartphone then having to pinch and expand your way to knowledge? Or, maybe you exit out of the horror and search for a not-so-stressful experience. Either way, Google is about to change that. They are now actively pursuing a separate search index for mobile, meaning users on a mobile device will see different results than a user on a desktop. And luckily, those results promise to be less pinchy.

What Does This Mean for Businesses?

  • If you have a business website that isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s quite possible that you will see a decrease in traffic.
  • Do you have a separate mobile site? You will now be competing against yourself as you lose traffic to the mobile version of your site. Find out how you or your developer can serve structure markup for both versions.
  • If you already have a responsive site, then you earn two gold stars for being prepared. Your mobile-friendly ranking boost will be on its way.

Is My Site Mobile-Friendly?
If you’re not sure if your website is ready, Google has provided a pretty cool site where you can test your site performance. You’ll also receive recommendations on what to improve.

Long gone are the days of searching for something on your smartphone and getting unreadable results. This industry move couldn’t have come at a better time, my fingertips are sore.

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