How will Facebook’s News Feed Affect Businesses?

How will Facebook’s News Feed Affect Businesses?

  • Facebook will be changing their News Feed to show more status updates from friends and family rather than brands and news organizations.
  • Brand and News pages will have to work harder to create original, engaging content that promotes discussions and interaction.

If you’ve been in the loop re: recent events, you know that Facebook has been synonymous with the terms “fake news” and “Russian hackers.” The controversy has led up to this announcement yesterday:

This update will prominently feature content from friends and family while posts from business and news pages will be limited. Pages will see a sharp decrease in their traffic and reach once this is implemented. This means that businesses will need to work harder to create original content that promotes interaction – namely – live videos, relevant updates and community events.

There very well may be a flux of businesses exiting the platform because they don’t have the time or creative energy to make their presence on this platform worthwhile.

Facebook has invested a lot of time building their “Facebook Business” model and I personally don’t see them walking away from it. This announcement may very well be either the end of businesses on Facebook OR just a band-aid until they come up with a better solution or algorithm. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we’ve already started thinking about how we can – or if we can – still recommend this platform to businesses.

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