Cosmetic Surgeons’ Website Gets An Enhancement

Cosmetic Surgeons’ Website Gets An Enhancement

Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso is the premier plastic surgery practice in the Southwest Region. Dr. Mark Jabor and Dr. R. Dale Reynolds had us build them a beautiful website about three years ago, which increased visit to their site each month by 135% as well as online consultation requests by 22%.

Now, with more than half of the traffic to the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso’s website coming from mobile devices and tablets, the doctors wanted a website that worked well and looked even better on smaller screens. Stanton Street looked into the option of a responsive site, but the Doctors were still very pleased with their current site and didn’t want to a responsive redesign. The next best solution was to design an elegant mobile-friendly site showcasing the cosmetic surgical procedures and services offered by Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso.

Three views of the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center Mobile Website

After thorough research in to which pages on the site were most frequently visited by mobile and tablet users, Stanton Street designed the mobile site so that those pages would be one click away from the homepage. Icons at the top of all pages allow quick and easy access to the menu, photo gallery, maps to their Westside and Eastside locations as well as a click to call feature for both locations. Buttons as the bottom of each page give access to procedure categories such as Face, Breast, Body and Skin making it as easy in investigate any cosmetic surgery service the doctors offer.

Does your website need a lift with the addition of a mobile site? Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (915) 351-8440.

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