5 Social Media Terms of 2015 You Must Know

5 Social Media Terms of 2015 You Must Know

It feels like everyday there is a new techie term that we know nothing about. Some of these terms become so popular and useful that they make it all the way to Merriam-Webster. I’ve broken down some terms you might not know the meaning to.  Read on and impress your kids, coworkers, and friends with your new found knowledge. 

  • Organic– We aren’t talking about groceries.  This is the stuff that you post that’s getting likes and shares on it’s own. This is content that no company has paid for to reach the masses. Organic likes are the best kind of likes because as Sally Field would say, ” You like me, You really like me”.


  • User Generated Content- This is content that is created by you and not by a company that has overpaid it’s social media and marketing team to appeal to you. Let you creative juices flow, make it punny and uniquely you.


  • Microblogging-  Congratulations, by sharing this super informative blog on your Facebook, Google +, and Twitter you are officially a microblogger. All this terms means is the posts, videos, and pictures you share everyday on social media make you a microblogger. Who would have thunk it!


  • Multichannel- This is important to you if you are trying to get the word out about your business. This term means that you are utilizing several different marketing platforms such as Facebook ads, banner ads, and marketing emails.


  • Embedding- Allowing social media content to live on your website. You do this every time you add a YouTube video to your webpage.


Don’t be afraid of technology and don’t focus on the knowledge you don’t have. The good news is that learning about technology and all of it’s intricacies is only a Google search away. So go forth young grasshoppers.



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