3, 2, 1: Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

3, 2, 1: Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

Can I ask a personal question? No, I don’t want to know if you prefer boxers or briefs.  I just want to know what web browser you use. Seriously, our website still gets 25 visits a month from people using Internet Explorer 6, aka IE6. What is so bad with IE6? Well, it was created by Microsoft ten years ago, making it one of the oldest web browsers still in use today. Its age prevents it from adhering to modern web standards while leaving the user wide open to security risks.

From our perspective as a web developer, building sites that work well in IE6 increases the code complexity. Extra code means extra costs for our customers, not a good thing for anyone.

Microsoft has created a website devoted to bringing the world wide use of IE6 to 1% or less. That’s right! Microsoft is gently trying to get you to give up your nasty IE6 habit by creating The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown, a unique website to implore everyone around the world to upgrade.

So, what’s the big deal?  Why go through the hassle?  Ditching IE6 will:

  1. improve your browsing speed,
  2. allow you to browse more than one website at a time with tabbed browsing,
  3. give you access to better privacy settings, and
  4. provide a safer browsing experience with better protection against threats and attacks.

One other benefit, you will improve the global economy. Millions of dollars are wasted developing websites that will still look good and operate in this antiquated browser. Microsoft is encouraging all websites to post a banner that will appear if you use IE6 stating, “You are using an outdated browser. For a safer browsing experience, upgrade for free today.” Websites using the banner are encouraged to send their logo to Microsoft to be posted along side other participating websites.

What can you do? If you are an IE6 user, please upgrade right now. Don’t even finish reading this article. I’m serious, do it now. If you know any IE6 users, Microsoft and Stanton Street encourage you to be a true friend.  “Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer6.” Be gentle, but firm, and share the link to the IE6 Countdown website on Facebook and Twitter.

Only you can put an end to Internet Explorer 6 usage!

Download Firefox
Download Chrome

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