Sara Acevedo

Her code woke up like this... flawless. 

Sara was bit by the programming bug once her feet hit the University of Texas at El Paso campus. Always interested in the web, she found she had a knack for problem solving, constructing algorithms, and creating user interfaces. Then one fine day in December 2015, she was given a shiny new B.S. in Computer Science. And, a few weeks later we had her resume in our happy little hands!  

Before joining the Stanton Street crew, Sara was a Software Engineer for Cimarron Software Services designing and implementing systems for tracking task orders and requests. Prior to her gig with Cimarron, she was part of a support team that developed web tools for Lockheed Martin.
Away from work, Sara challenges herself to push the limits of DIY, hits the shopping centers, and YouTubes her way through boredom. Also hitting her top ten: filling her belly with delicious pasta, and catching up on her favorite tv shows. Her number one favoritest pastime of all? Chilling with the fam. Aww...