With us, beautiful photos are a snap!  

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In the past, photos were just a small component of web design and were often used sparingly to avoid detrimental impact on load times. Now, photography is becoming a dominant feature in web as more devices are being developed to display higher resolution images.

The clarity, creativity and quality of the images on your site are now more critical for a company’s online impact. From a website to social media, every organization needs photography that will motivate fans and followers to like or share amongst their circles which increases traffic and recognition for your brand. We’re happy to say, we can help.

Description of Photography Services:

Stanton Street provides high quality digital photography services using professional grade Nikon cameras and lenses. All projects include the following:

  • White balance, contrast, distortion, and color correction where necessary.
  • Fill resolution digital files (JPG and TIFF) delivered within 5 business days.
  • Custom resized and sharpened digital files are available for specific uses such as print ads, billboards, and websites.
  • Original (RAW) files stored indefinitely in a digital vault.

Download the Photography Product Sheet