Beto for Congress Online

Case Study


The Beto O’Rourke congressional campaign wanted to use social media, web, digital advertising, and various other tools to level the playing field in their campaign to unseat the current congressional representative, Silvestre Reyes.


The campaign was not sure how successful their fundraising would be, so the project would be subject to modifications along the way. The nature of political campaigns is that they can require quick and thorough reactions. Production times are often limited, so efficiency is a requirement. In addition, the O’Rourke campaign was staffed by an enthusiastic set of volunteers which is beneficial in many ways, but challenging when it comes to quality control and consistency.

Key Features:

  • Robust website with the following key functionality:
    • Online Donations
    • Tell a Friend via Social Media or Email
    • Volunteer Sign-up and Tracking
    • Voter polling place look-up
    • Sophisticated back-end which included reporting and data visualization
    • Search Engine Optimization keywords and analytics
  • Facebook Page
    • Initial set-up and design
    • Development of guidelines and strategies
    • Ongoing maintenance, updates and graphics
  • Twitter Profile
    • Initial set-up and design
    • Development of guidelines and strategies
  • Vimeo and YouTube Channels
    • Initial set-up and design
    • Titles, tags and other search engine optimization methods
  • Online Advertising Campaigns
    • Set-up and design
    • Facebook Display Ads
    • Google AdWords/Display Ads
    • El Paso Times Display Ads and Mobile Ads
  • Email Newsletter
    • Set-up and design
    • Ongoing maintenance, updates and graphics
  • Copywriting
    • Messaging for various online audiences throughout the campaign
  • Campaign Branding
    • Designing and modifying online graphic materials to assure consistency
    • Quality control of supplied images and content
  • Research & Consulting
    • Monitoring and logging online presence
    • Analyzing trends, applications and other politically-related items


Stanton Street built a comprehensive political campaign solution which allowed the campaign to operate efficiently with maximum impact. All aspects of the effort were coordinated with defined goals in mind. Social media was leveraged to build momentum and achieve a significant amount of exposure with a limited expenditure of resources.

After the initial system was built, Google Analytics and Facebook Insights were used to determine what actions were getting the desired results and what needed to be adjusted. Stanton Street acted on behalf of the campaign in social media and also advised and directed volunteers. This combined approach ensured that all aspects of the effort were covered and nothing fell through the cracks.
When appropriate, Stanton Street purchased advertisements on various ad networks to gain added exposure in key demographic segments. Each ad was evaluated for performance and adjustments were made as necessary.


The entire digital campaign was an overwhelming success. The campaign raised a significant amount of funding through the website. The social media efforts paid strong dividends in terms of getting people to the polls. Data visualization helped the campaign focus efforts in a targeted manner rather than a blanket approach.

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